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One Phone Call

Nov 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I answer the phone all day, sildenafil but sometimes it only takes one phone call to change your whole day — sometimes even your life. I’ve received phone calls telling me of the passing of a loved one, ampoule my husband telling me he blew out a tire on his flatbed, try from a friend telling me she has breast cancer. I’ve received calls telling me of the births of nieces and nephews, my son getting a scholarship, and our family winning a trip to Disney.

Mother Nature will do what she will do, and she definitely blasted the east coast with Superstorm Sandy. Weather in any part of the country is a major factor for the towing industry — from blizzards in Wisconsin to extreme heat in Texas. It’s times like these when your phone never seems to stop ringing, and you wish you had more trucks and more drivers to keep up with the demand. Dealing with “normal” seasonal changes in the weather is one thing, but dealing with major destruction is another.

I made a phone call to a fellow tower out east and it not only relieved my anxiety about her and her family being okay, it made me feel proud to find out how towers are “hooked on helping.” She said she has received so many phone calls from other towers asking her how they can help out, she was overwhelmed with the outreach.

Don’t underestimate the power of one phone call. Look at how you make the difference in the life of one of your customers when they call for your help in jumpstarting their vehicle, pulling it out of the ditch or unlocking it. Now is the time for you to make that one phone call to see how you can help victims of Superstorm Sandy or someone else in need — don’t wait, do it today.