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One Black Shoe, One Blue Shoe

May 1st, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Recently I went to a meeting wearing one black shoe and one blue shoe. I didn’t notice until I was sitting down at the conference table. The style of shoe is the same. I just grabbed what was in the closet. While I was a bit embarrassed, there wasn’t anything I could do but tuck my feet under my chair and hope nobody noticed. Wouldn’t you know — someone did notice. (Women do look at shoes other women are wearing.) I explained what happened and we both had a good laugh.

I’m not one to be known for grace. I told my mother she should have named me Grace and then I would have had some. I accept and can handle this shortcoming for the most part. One of the hardest lessons I learned was in grade school. I love to play sports, but I have to admit I’m not very good at them. I was almost always picked last to be on a team. My spin on it was, while I wasn’t very athletic, I was a good cheerleader.

It’s not easy to admit you need help or are unable to do something. I found I needed help with two heavy-duty calls last week. All towers know the drill; there are times when you’re either short-staffed or need more trucks. What a great feeling when you call a fellow tower for help and they don’t hesitate and ask, “What do you need?” There was no, “Ha, ha – can’t handle it, eh? Or other smart remarks.

Even though I was wearing two different-colored shoes, it didn’t stop me from walking.  The same applies to getting a recovery done. It doesn’t matter if you have a black truck and a blue truck working together. It enables you to get the job done right.