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Once in a While

Mar 23rd, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

A vehicle owner called the day after his vehicle was towed to our lot. I told him the usual items that would be needed for him to pick up his vehicle. After that conversation I chalked it up to one more owner not coming to get his vehicle back. I was right. Paperwork needed to be sent out.

Two days before the enforcement date I received another call from the owner giving me every excuse in the book – on a fixed income, his son was driving his car and he didn’t know why he was in our village as they lived an hour away, there’s a lien on the vehicle because he had to have money from the last time his son was in jail — on and on and on. He ended with: “So what can we do to get this taken care of ?”

I explained that I could also tell him all of my woes in life but I wanted to know why he didn’t contact us sooner? From the notes on the yard ticket, he called the day after it was towed and was told what was needed to get his vehicle back. His answer: “I guess I’m a procrastinator.” I raised my eyebrows on that one.

I told him I would review everything and get back to him. I had my husband return the phone call and they made arrangements. The owner needed more time because he didn’t get paid until the next week. I didn’t hold my breath.

But to my surprise, the owner came in when he said he would. He asked if I was the lady he spoke to and thanked me, saying he was so glad there were still nice people in the world, and a few other things. While all of what he said didn’t make the situation right, it made it a little better.

Once in a while life throws you for a loop — and after all is said and done — the ending is a good one. Have a good one towers.