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On the Road Again

Dec 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

It was early morning with no sign of a sunrise for another hour or so. I was driving a HD ten-wheel demo on a divided highway in west Texas as I approached a narrow railroad underpass. The windows were rolled up because it was below freezing outside. I made it through the underpass with no problem but soon noticed a headlight glare on the center guard rail to my left. At first I thought one of my headlights had somehow dropped out of its socket and was aimed at the guardrail. I stopped to check and found a Ford Pinto sideways against my front bumper. Needless to say, ask the young girl inside was hysterical. I quickly backed up the truck and got the young driver out of her car. She could hardly get her breath she was sobbing so deeply.

I then placed a 911 call and a female officer soon arrived. As any mother would do, price she immediately responded to the sobbing child, holding and comforting her as best as she could. The medical bus then arrived, checked the young driver and found she had not sustained anything but a minor scratch. I was out of town, ticketed and found at fault, but this is definitely not a story about blame because we will have different opinions based on who we are.

In recreating this accident we found that the young driver had a headset on listening to music. She probably entered the freeway too slow and immediately found herself in a squeeze play between the approaching railroad underpass and my demo because there was no acceleration ramp. Rather than braking she tried to accelerate to get in front of me but the Pinto didn’t have enough acceleration to do so and she was forced onto the freeway by a barrier to her right. Since her car never touched the right side of my truck, it was clear no contact was made until the right corner of my front bumper caught her rear quarter panel and quickly scooped up her car much like a snowplow.

I never saw, heard or felt any contact but believe we were all guilty. What do you think?