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Old Fords

Mar 28th, 2014 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockYou may recall that I once wrote about buying a 1956 spanking new Ford F100 pickup for $1, viagra order 694 or maybe it was $1, price 964. Anyway it was a lot of money for a young guy just starting out. Soon thereafter, I fell asleep on the freeway and smashed into an abandoned car, sending me to the ICU for five days and my new truck to the bone yard. I obviously survived but always had a special respect for those “Old Fords”.

As I approached retirement in 2000 I asked my distributor in Houston, Brian Marshall to help me find another ‘56 Ford pickup and he did. In fact, he found one in a barn in northern Nevada, which he repainted in his Houston shop. In the last 13 years I have continued that process with a new engine, drive train, etc., etc. Now and again I haul a load of wood or some trash but usually the truck just sits for months on end under its canopy in the back yard. Joan and I have talked about selling it, but the truck (or one like it) once saved my life so there is a strong bond between us.

Recently the local weatherman alerted us to nighttime temperatures in the low teens so I went out to check the antifreeze. Sure enough, it took the better part of a gallon so I cranked her up to circulate the fluid. She started on the second turn and again ran soft and smooth, ready for action.

In a previous article I told the story of how I once considered trading “2 Bueno” for a four-door sedan. The dealer wanted a picture to show around so I took the truck to the local park and took several which I sent him. When I saw the picture, I had to back out of the deal, but did send him a picture for his showroom wall. A copy is attached.