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Oklahoma to Require Towing Operator TIMs/Safety Training

Oct 20th, 2017 | By | Category: Spotlight

On September 11, 2017, an education requirement became effective for towing operators in the state of Oklahoma. Currently, Traffic Incident Management (TIMs) training is a requirement that applies to the state’s Class AA towing companies that respond to law enforcement rotation calls, but now the “general” category of companies that are on a non-rotation, private customer basis are included in the safety training requirements also.

An additional educational requirement will entail each new wrecker owner and driver of a wrecker/towing vehicle to successfully complete a minimum of 16 hours of Department of Public Safety (DPS) approved course training or have a minimum of two years of experience in “TIMs; wrecker vehicle recovery controls; connecting or loading vehicles onto wrecker; tie-down and secure vehicle to wrecker; and/or wrecker operation safety.” 

The initial 16-hour training will be available through the Eastern Oklahoma County Career Technology center with regional trainings being provided across the state. After the initial 16-hour training, the annual renewal training requirement is eight hours and will include a variety of DPS approved courses.

The safety training program was a goal of the Oklahoma Wrecker Owner’s Association (OWOA) to provide safety training for Oklahoma towing operators in addition to promoting awareness of towing operator safety to motorists, says Diann Wilson of the Oklahoma TIMs Coalition. “The training is to teach [towing operators] to protect themselves while we educate the general public,” Wilson says.

Currently, there is no cost for the TIMs training. It is the intent of the Coalition that additional training also be at little to no charge.

For more information, contact Diann Wilson at 405-380-3047, email

Source: Oklahoma TIMs Coalition