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Ohio City Council Considers City Impound Lot Proposition

Feb 14th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

In an effort to keep more money in the city’s hands, look Police Chief Roger Moore is asking the Chillicothe City Council to consider establishing a city impound lot, according to a news report.

Currently, the city calls a private tow truck and vehicles are towed back to private lots. The proposal would mean private tow companies still would be used to tow cars to a city lot, but the city would collect the impound fees, depending on how long the car was there, the report states.

The plan would involve using land already owned by the city. Auditor Tom Spetnagel said the revenue generated would be greater than the up-front cost of establishing a lot. Spetnagel said he would expect the lot to bring in about $15,000 in its first year, according to the report.

The start-up money for additional liability insurance and a security system would have to come out of the city’s unappropriated general fund, which currently has about $500,000.

Safety service committee members were on board with the idea, but council members said tey want to see plan specifics, including costs and estimated revenues, before they sign on for good, the report states.