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O’ Where O’ Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Dec 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri Roskpf PhotoIf you are a pet lover, mind you know how it seems like they almost become part of your family. Your pet is a companion and friend — and a welcome sight after a long day at the office.

There was a major pile-up on the highway due to icy roads and what I believe became white out conditions. Many of the vehicle owners who came in told me the same story: they were slowing down, doctor a white cloud of snow came up and the next thing they saw were red tail lights and then bang – bang – bang — they hit the car in front of them and then got hit themselves from the back and sides. The chain reaction couldn’t be avoided.

I received a phone call from a state trooper who told me she was looking for a dog from one of the vehicles we towed. I checked with my employee to see if he noticed a dog in the vehicle and he said he hadn’t and didn’t hear any barking either. The state trooper told me there were supposed to be two dogs in the vehicle and she only had one. She decided to go back to the accident scene to see if she could locate any paw prints or find the dog. A short time later she called and asked if we could double-check the vehicle, as she didn’t find any prints or sign of the dog. I decided to check the vehicle myself. I looked in the back seat, didn’t see anything, and decided to call out. Lo and behold, I heard a whimpering and saw a little head peak out from behind the deployed passenger seat air bag.

I took a blanket from the back seat, covered the dog and one of my employees carried him to the lobby where a woman who was waiting for a ride took him onto her lap.

Pugsly (I later found out was his name) was a trooper. It was so nice to see the look of relief on the face of a relative of Pugsly’s owner. And it seemed even the dog smiled when they were reunited. Well … I thought it looked like he was smiling … I know everyone in the lobby, including me, was.