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Noverto Martinez

Apr 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

In America we can be or do almost whatever we choose. Twenty-six years ago when the lending rate was high and jobs were scarce, order a young Hispanic man came to our door looking for yard work. You bet, I said, you can mow the lawn. He awkwardly told me that he didn’t own a lawn mower so I gave him mine.

And, with that he started a lawn mowing and gardening business that went on to include his two sons. After retirement I had the time to tend the yard myself, so I gave Noverto the pink slip. And, that was 12 years ago. Each year, the lawn got larger and the sun hotter until finally, just the other day I called my friend and asked for his help.

He arrived and we had a joyful reunion. He told us how he had equally divided his business three ways with his two sons, so he was almost starting over again. I suggested that we could be one of his “first” customers and he was glad to spend most of the afternoon mowing, trimming, planting and doing all the other things a gardener does.

There seems to be a notion in America that we resent Hispanics in Texas. That is not true. Indeed, many of their forefathers were here long before Texas even became a state. Yes, many of their sons and daughters are doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants. But, some choose to be gardeners.

Yes, in America we can do just about whatever we are willing to work for. Yes, we need professionals of all categories, but we also need mechanics, pilots, nurses, welders and gardeners. Yes, in America there is a place for everybody who is willing to contribute.

Yesterday, as he looked us over, Noverto said we hadn’t changed much over the years. And, neither had he, for his first thoughts have always been for his family.