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Non-Productive Labor

Nov 13th, 2015 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockWhen I first joined the Holmes Company I noticed how many “drivers” came rushing out to see the new demo I was driving. They checked out this and that — pulling levers and flipping switches — all without me saying a single word. Indeed the wrecker was its own best salesman. But I soon came to realize that these guys had no authority to buy my demo. The boss sitting inside alone had that authority and he rarely came running out with the others. I then began to wonder how the industry could afford to pay for all that non-productive labor; guys just sitting around the break room waiting on the phone to ring was not earning the company any money.

In later years when I was involved in training HD wrecker salesmen, I suggested that they should not have a desk in the office. A desk can become a place of rest and relaxation complete with pics of your bass boat, hunting dog and perhaps even your latest squeeze. So I told them if they wanted to be successful they needed to get out of the office to meet customers because that’s where the money was made.

The same strategy applies to the break room. A few towers I know (and that would be very few) encourage their drivers to make sales calls in their idle time and earn a commission — and that’s a good thing for everybody.