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Next Generation Tool Owners Embark on Month-long Missionary Trip

Aug 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Features, Spotlight

Next Generation Tool Company owners Darrell and Joanie Bolton have set off on a trip across the globe to help encourage the people, missionaries and pastors of third-world countries to spread the Gospel’s message.

Darrell went on his first missionary trip as a volunteer in 2007 and has now traveled to 17 countries in the past five years. Since then he has created MVP Missions, a missionary volunteer program that partners with Good News from Afar, a nonprofit group in Maryland. MVP conducts fundraisers to help with the mission trips and accepts donations, but most of the couple’s trips are self-financed.

MVP’s three main goals are to reach the world with the Gospel message, encourage missionaries and pastors on the field to continue serving in their faith, and to work with churches so they can send their own members on mission trips to accomplish goals one and two above.

On July 27, the couple set off to Sri Lanka to work with a missionary in the capital area of Colombo, along with their friend and missionary Dave Douglass. After eight days in Sri Lanka, they will be in India with two pastors – one has an orphanage and the other a Christian school and seminary.

On Aug. 16, they arrive in Thailand for eight days in the Bangkok area. They will be returning to the U.S. Aug. 23.

You can follow their travels on their website: or on their Facebook page.

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