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News Reports: Towing Company Owner Reported SUV That Contained Body

Jan 29th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

Detroit, more about Mich., police are investigating why an SUV with a body inside sat for two weeks after it was reported by a tow operator. According to news reports, AC Towing owner Elder Anthony said he followed protocol when he called police to report a Ford Explorer located on the city’s west side. The vehicle had been spotted by a tow operator from AC Towing, reports said.

Anthony waited with the vehicle for two hours, but no one responded, so he left the scene. On January 24, two weeks after Anthony’s call, police acting on several calls from neighbors regarding the SUV found the body of James Mullen, 39, of Oak Park. Mullen, who had been missing since Jan. 6, had been shot to death, reports said.