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Feb 15th, 2014 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockReferring to an article in the current issue of Tow Times magazine, at least one autoclub reports that the majority (55 percent) of their calls now requires a tow due to a mechanical breakdown. This, of course is inconsistent with times past when another club maintained that 60 percent of their calls did not require a tow. And, just for the record, the non-tow calls usually need help with a flat tire, dead battery, lockout or lack of fuel. And to better serve those calls, some towers made them with a small pickup rather than an expensive wrecker. But today, the situation has reversed, dictating the use of a wrecker in place of the pickup. This should be good news to auto club towers because it increases utilization of their small wreckers which also increases cash flow.

On another front, please take note of the high-visibility apparel now being worn by McCarty and Sons of Oxnard, Calif. Bill and Carol founded this firm many years ago and now the business is being run by their youngest son, Brian.

Years ago I made several calls at the firm and Bill and I took my HD underlift to demo on local garbage packers. And that evening we attended a basketball game in which their daughter played. These guys are very progressive. I remember that Bill washed my demo with a new device that created electrically charged water that did not make droplets on the surface.

The McCarty’s have always served T & R well as Bill also did a turn as president of the California Tow Truck Association and Carol in the Women of the Towing and Recovery Association of America and many other important T & R related roles.

Good job guys, keep safe because those freeways are dangerous.