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New Updates for TOPS Business Analyzer

Mar 1st, 2013 | By | Category: New Products

TXI Systems, ailment Inc., dba towXchange, a leading provider of software solutions for the towing industry, has announced the launch of new updates to its TOPS Business Analyzer. TOPS Business Analyzer is a metrics portal allowing business owners who utilize TOPS for the management of their towing operation or impound lot to view live statistics associated with their daily operation. This tool also offers the ability for users to view summary data over daily and monthly time periods.

“TXI Systems is pleased to announce the new updates to TOPS Business Analyzer.” said Jeff Pesnell, COO of TXI Systems. “Having business metrics available is essential for today’s business owners and managers.”

TOPS Business Analyzer offers live metrics which include Total Daily Call Counts, Hourly Call Counts, Calls Taken by Call Taker, Calls Taken by Tow Type, Calls Taken by Customer Type, and Total Calls Released Today. This information is presented in table format and with chart diagrams. In addition, TOPS Business Analyzer offers daily and monthly statistics. A daily rollup offers detailed totals for the prior day, month-to-date totals, and 30 day average totals.

The TOPS Business Analyzer works in conjunction with the TOPS towing operations software. TOPS is a web-enabled software system designed to help municipalities and towing companies better manage their business. Users can access the system from any web-enabled computer. The software supports call taking, dispatching, driver communications, record keeping, tow ticket management, inventory management, lien processing, auction management, and business reporting.

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