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New Menzel Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System from AW Direct

Jun 15th, 2018 | By | Category: New Products

AW Direct has introduced a new mobile surveillance system designed to help towing businesses reduce frivolous accident and damage claims and improve safety and driver behavior. The Menzel Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS) consists of a series of cameras, a hard drive to store video footage, a touch-screen monitor and all necessary cables. The system begins recording once a vehicle’s ignition is turned on. Cameras installed both inside and outside of a tow truck provide 360-degree surveillance footage. Cameras are waterproof and feature infrared for capturing nighttime video. The cameras also capture audio.

The Menzel MVSS is produced by Wisconsin-based Menzel Enterprises, which has provided towing, recovery, transport and repair services since 1984. The company operates a 140-vehicle fleet across 12 locations serving Wisconsin, northern Illinois and portions of Iowa and Minnesota.

“This camera system has been tried and tested on our fleet over the past six years,” says Todd Menzel, the company’s second-generation chief operating officer.

The MVSS is designed to help hold drivers accountable and improve their performance, improve safety as the rear-facing camera allows drivers to see the towed vehicle, and enhance ongoing driver training.

Video surveillance can also help towing companies reduce costs. “Even minor bumper damage can be $1,800 these days,” says Jose Muro, vice president of operations at Menzel Enterprises. “If the camera system can help defer a single claim, it has basically paid for itself. Another thing to consider is workers comp. Again, if your footage can defer a claim, you could save thousands of dollars. Over the past six years, our cameras have helped us save hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Muro says. “And because we have cameras on all our vehicles, we’ve seen a significant reduction in insurance premiums as well.”

AW Direct offers four versions of the Menzel MVSS — four- and eight-camera systems provide either downloadable and/or livestreamed footage. Several add-on options are also available including GPS, WiFi for auto-downloading footage, two-way radios, remote management, a backup camera and more.

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