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New Jersey Tow Truck Driver Saves Woman Crushed Under Tractor-Trailer

Oct 11th, 2010 | By | Category: National News

A Robbinsville, see New Jersey, this site tow truck driver is credited with saving the life of a 55-year-old woman whose car was crushed in a crash involving three tractor-trailers Friday, October 8, according to a news report.

Witnesses said driver for Mackeys Towing, Robert Schear, 26, of Highstown, lifted a tractor-trailer off the woman’s car and saved her life, the report states. The crash occurred across the street from Mackeys, a heavy-duty towing company used by Robbinsville police and New Jersey State Police on the turnpike to tow and remove tractor-trailers.

A patrolman reported that a tractor-trailer heading north on Route 130 struck a second tractor-trailer before lurching across the median and stopping across all southbound lanes. The second truck slammed into the back of the woman’s 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, crushing the car up to the back of her seat and driving it into a third tractor-trailer in front of her car, according to the report. Her vehicle was pinned between the second and third tractor-trailer with the second tractor-trailer coming to rest on top of her car.

Schear, driver Rob Yasuk and others at Mackeys rushed out to assist township firefighters and EMS to complete the extrication of the woman in about 20 minutes, the report states. Schear used a heavy-duty tow truck and lifted the nose of the tractor-trailer on top of the woman’s car while another truck pulled the car out from underneath it.

Schear said he was outside unloading another tractor-trailer that had been involved in a turnpike crash and saw the accident unfold. According to the report, he ran over to check on the woman, who was unresponsive, but after seeing her breathing, he backed a tow truck over and put it into position so when the fire department arrived and gave him the go ahead, he was already ready to go.

The woman, Donnalee Reynolds, was rushed to Capital Health Regional Medical Center’s trauma unit. None of the truck drivers were injured or charged.

The first tractor-trailer was a 1995 WGM registered AP Freight Inc., driven by Rafael Dominguez, 48. The one that struck Mrs. Reynolds’ car was a 2006 Freight Liner registered to B&S Trucking, driven by Mykola Pavlyuchyk, 43. The rig that her car rammed was a 1998 Freight Liner registered to Ivans Trucking and driven by Jose Davilla, 37.