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New Hampshire Towing Association Announces Show Winners

Jun 8th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

The New Hampshire Towing Association announces their 2011 Rodeo Winners in their monthly newsletter. The winners are as follows:

Class A, viagra Small Wrecker:

1st Place – Richard Branch

2nd Place – Rick Blanger

3rd Place – Jim Bray

Class B, treat Ramp Truck:

1st Place – Roland Blais

2nd Place – Richard Branch

3rd Place – Steve Blais

Class C, Large Wrecker:

1st Place – Rick Belanger

2nd Place – Matt Belmont

3rd Place – Richard Branch

Class D, Tractor Trailer:

1st Place – Richard Branch

2nd Place – Rick Belanger

3rd Place – Steve Blais

Driver of the Day – Richard Branch

In addition, the 2011 Beauty Contest Winners were announced. Winners are as follows:


1st Place only – Curt’s Hobby Nashua

MD Carrier, New Hampshire:

1st Place – East Coast Stamford Ct.

2nd Place – Silver Cloud

3rd Place – Capeway Towing Hanover

LD Wrecker:

1st Place only – Direnzo, Mass.

MD Wrecker, Massachusetts:

1st Place – J & L

2nd Place – Andy’s Towing

3rd Place – Express Towing Braintree

HD Wrecker:

1st Place – Precision Towing

2nd Place – Direnzo

Working Class Truck:

1st Place – Bach Towing, Mass.