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New Chain Assemblies from Miller Industries

Apr 14th, 2017 | By | Category: New Products

Miller Industries has introduced a new chain assembly designed specifically for lifting or towing exclusively on trailer king pin plates and truck frame rails.

The patent-pending hook design features a shorter tip and throat that prevents point-loading of hook tip. A newly-offered flat throat design provides more contact area on the king pin plate or rail, and keeps the hook from cutting the plate and twisting.

Conventional grab hooks are designed to be hooked back into a chain utilizing a longer throat that is tapered and can be compromised when used in other applications. The trailer plate/frame hook is manufactured in the U.S., along with the five-foot grade 100 chain and has a working load limit of 15,000 lbs. per assembly.

A pair of the assemblies are now standard in the Miller Heavy-Duty Chain Package, or the assemblies can be ordered as an individual pair from your local Miller distributor.

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