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Need Versus Want

Jan 4th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I recently heard a “clutter coach” speak about how we need to define ourselves with our own personal value and stop defining ourselves by the things we own, such as designer clothes, bigger homes, cars, etc. She sighted the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Just because they lost their homes and possessions, are they any less valuable after the storm than before?

I must confess I’m a “someday” person. Rather than throw or giveaway something, I think “I might use this someday” or “This might be worth some money someday” and put it back in the closet, on the shelf or pack it back into a box. I won’t even start about my husband and his “someday” habits. Let’s just say I often close the door to his office.

The New Year always brings a renewed energy of intentions to get organized, lose weight and make a clean start. Listening to the clutter coach got me thinking I should start 2013 with the theme “Need Versus Want.” This approach will not only help financially, it will also reduce the accumulation of “stuff.”

I will gently remind my husband of this theme when he starts looking for a new tow truck and all the accessories that can go with it.