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National Interstate Expands Tow Truck Insurance into Additional States

Aug 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Industry News

National Interstate Insurance Company announced that it is expanding its tow truck insurance product into the Midwest, patient North Central and Pacific Northwestern states. The product is offered exclusively through a network of appointed agents/brokers and general agencies.

Originally launched in 2004, National Interstate’s tow truck product offers a full range of coverages, including on-hook and garagekeepers, and the company intends to continue expanding this portfolio with additional offerings throughout the year. The product features competitive rates and commissions, as well as highly specialized customer service.

“Our tow product has been distributed in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and South Central regions, and we look forward to increasing our appetite for this business in additional states,” said George Skuggen, Assistant Vice President of Truck Products. “We have a strong history of providing insurance solutions, including traditional insurance and innovative alternative risk transfer options, to this specialty niche. In addition, our team truly understands the needs of tow operators, and we have the expertise to provide the highest level of service. For example, we have adjusters with specific experience in handling tow truck claims.”

“National Interstate has grown its tow truck business by working with high-quality long-term partners,” said Terry Phillips, Senior Vice President. “In order to reach new geographic markets, we are exploring marketing relationships to accommodate our growing customer base in the Midwest, North Central and Pacific Northwestern states.”

For more information about National Interstate’s tow truck program, contact George Skuggen, at, or 800-929-1500 ext. 1142.