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National Breakdown

Nov 1st, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack Schrock photoRecognizing a successful T & R program in England, some years back a serious attempt was made to organize select HD T & R operators throughout the U. S. and Canada to provide uniform services to distressed truckers. The promoters wanted to establish standardized rates, which didn’t go far, given the varying conditions, distances, etc. from one region to another. But, even more importantly, towers with modern equipment, including HD wreckers with underlifts were favored in order to assure clients of the best possible T & R experience.

As I recall, Guy Benitez of Lafayette, La., was instrumental in pursuing this enterprise as he had also hired a general manager based in Florida. And it was from there that all calls were dispatched to the “nearest” qualified tower.

Metropolitan areas were not the problem, given all the local options. The challenge was in the remote portions of the Southwest, Midwest and, to some extent, even the Northwest. If the nearest qualified HD tower was some 250 miles distant, a trucker with a blown engine and a load of perishable product could be in a heap of trouble. To make the matter worse, this commercial attempt was made before cell phones, etc., so communications were limited in those remote areas.

I knew Guy well and he shared some of his frustrations about getting this business up and running. However, this is yet another case of a business model that worked well in England because it is much smaller and it did not work in North America which is many times larger and contains miles of open road without readily available services.