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Mutual Respect

May 25th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

At the conclusion of his career as both a tower and towing equipment distributor, remedy Rodney Welch completely restored a Holmes 750 wrecker, sale together with the chassis that carried it. I never saw it dirty and I never saw it outside in the hot sun sitting on his lot where the wind was always kicking up dust. It was always new, neat and shiny and never used. And, in the late afternoon sun, I once saw him standing alone in a far corner of his shop admiring that old wrecker. He had nothing to say, but that picture was truly worth a thousand words.

And so it is at tow shows where the old timers stand alone to admire the old mechanical wreckers of yesteryear. For many, just looking at those old wreckers brings back memories of doing the difficult in a few minutes and the impossible on a regular basis.

There’s more than one person that restores these old wreckers, making them all but new again. And another that upgrades them into the hydraulic age. Why in the world would a tower spend all that money to restore an out-of-date tow truck from the past? Well, I’m not sure you can put a dollar amount on that question. I’ve known many towers who are passionate about their old mechanical wreckers.

Go to most any tow show and you’ll see at least one Holmes 750 wrecker in the beauty contest, standing tall, looking slightly used but not abused. And nearby there will be an admiring tower of the same vintage in the afternoon of his life carefully admiring that old wrecker … and privately re-living those days when they both were at their best.