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Mr. Beasley

May 6th, 2016 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockStarting with Ernest Holmes, Jr. and continuing with Gerry Holmes, there were graduate engineers with the firm that designed the famous line of Holmes wreckers. But, there was a draftsman-turned-application engineer who made everything work. I don’t know his first name became nobody ever called him anything but Mr. Beasley.

I was experiencing a problem with a 750 jumping out of gear during a heavy recovery. So I talked with Mr. Beasley, who made a change to the 750 transmission that solved the problem. Another time we had a tower in West Texas who was having trouble cracking boom end sheaves on his 440 wreckers (he had a small fleet of them). Again, I called on Mr. Beasley who had some new sheaves cast in a stronger alloy which didn’t work because we (really “I”) was to learn that the tower was using a dozen 440 wreckers for a HD recovery instead of a 750 or 850. Once one of the small lines snapped, they all failed in succession. Not Mr. Beasley’s fault, but mine for not paying close attention.

I never saw Mr. Beasley in a coat and tie. He dressed as a draftsman and worked as an application engineer and he played a large part of keeping Holmes the best wrecker in the world.