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Modern Technology – Truly Amazing

Jun 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

As most of you know me are aware, malady I am challenged with modern technology — no texting, viagra taking photos with my phone, those types of things. I do have a digital camera, which is really great. Now I hardly ever get the “red eyes” or cut off heads, but I still need to learn how to get the picture from the camera to the computer so I can print or send them … hey, I’m learning.

This past weekend, my son and his friend produced a video of Wisconsin Tow Show highlights. It was shown at the banquet Saturday night. They set up shop in our hotel room with all kinds of equipment — monitors, laptops, cords, video cameras. The video highlighted the trucks, attendees, vendors and activities. They took hundreds of photos and put in lots of video time. After all the editing, they produced an amazing nine-minute video. How they did it, I don’t know.

My sister got a new computer and asked if I wanted her old one, which is much newer than mine, so I said yes. I asked my son if he could transfer the files on my computer to hers. He said no problem. I thought he could just copy and paste but it turned into a nightmare. After three days he finally was able to get the new computer up and running with all of my software. I really felt bad for him. I could tell by the heavy sighs and Oh, c’mons that things weren’t going as planned. I bought him lunch and ice cream, hoping that would help a little bit.

Modern technology is truly amazing, although it might seem I’m still in the dark ages. Just remember: don’t ignore your geek friends.