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Apr 18th, 2017 | By | Category: Tow Dogs

Meet Missy. Her story is special. Missy and Pongo were rescues from Tennessee by employee office manager Kathy Baumgardner at B&C Auto Menders. They came as a pair and could not be separated. In November 2015, tragedy struck. Pongo and Missy were at home and Pongo got himself into trouble by shredding a blanket. Unfortunately, the blanket impacted his stomach and esophagus and after 24 hours of trying to save him the surgery was unsuccessful and Pongo passed. Pongo was the leader and Missy’s security. Without him, Missy was lost and depressed.

David Bear, co-owner of B&C Auto Menders, allowed me to bring Missy to work every day. In the beginning she would not come out of a corner. David began bringing her daily treats, slowly getting her out of the corner and even into his office. It’s because of him that Missy was brought out of her depression.

Now you can find Missy in the shop office every day, getting her treats from parts delivery, napping, having her morning and afternoon snack time with David, and sometimes she goes to the shop to see co-owner Steve Carbaugh and the technicians (which is usually on their lunchtime, so they don’t know what she’s really up to — more snacks.)

Now she’s excited to come to work and greets people with her smile, which customers and delivery drivers enjoy. She’s become a part of the office and if she stays home a day it’s not the same without her.

B&C Auto Menders opened in August 2002, in Gettysburg Pa., and is owned by David Bear and Steve Carbaugh. I’m very honored to work here and thankful that with the help of my employers, Missy is finally able to be happy.

Kathy Baumgardner

B&C Auto Menders

Gettysburg, Pa.

Missy (top) and Pongo — inseparable before tragedy struck.