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Miller Industries Launches Longer-Boom Version of the Century 9055 Integrated Unit: the 9055XL

Dec 1st, 2017 | By | Category: New Products

Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. has announced a new, longer version of their heavy-duty Century® 9055 integrated wrecker: the 9055XL. This longer version adds 60 inches of length to the recovery boom for a maximum of 276 inches with a 359-inch hook height. This was achieved while maintaining the same 18,000-lb. boom rating when fully extended at a 39-degree angle. Though the extended capacity is less than the Century® 1075S rotator, the 9055XL’s length is the longest three-boom section Miller Industries manufactures. “With the improved height and reach features, this lighter-weight unit can easily fill these requirements,” states a Miller Industries press release. “A second benefit from a longer boom is the enhanced forward center of gravity of the wrecker. A longer boom means more weight on the front axle when driving. More weight on the front axles provides for better vehicle balance during the towing process with a casualty on the rear underlift.”

The 9055XL also features an increase in underlift tilt power, primarily due to a larger hydraulic cylinder. This provides capability and maneuverability when towing exceptionally-heavy casualties or towing on a second steer axle as found on pump trucks or concrete mixer trucks.

Additional 9055XL features include larger safety chain storage compartments and two conveniently-located, retractable, pneumatic service air lines as a standard feature. These retractable “emergency” and “service” air lines offer quick access and storage. A third quick-disconnect air supply port for pneumatic tools is also tailboard-mounted.

The seven-way, wireless tow light plug is located inside the control station to minimize the possibility of transmitter plug theft.

For more information on the Century® 9055XL and other Miller Industries products visit their online news feed at or a local Miller Industries distributor.

Retractable, pneumatic service air lines.