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Miller Industries’ Heavy-Duty Accessories

May 13th, 2011 | By | Category: New Products

For those complicated tow and recovery jobs, online Miller Industries introduces new accessories to be used with their heavy-duty units.

With a shorter front leading fork design to get under a front axle more easily, troche the new Short Axle Fork Kit offers a tighter and tapered distance in between to pinch the axle. And the increased width of the forks helps prevent sliding forward and backward as well as left and right when positioned between spring U-bolts.

The 17-metric-ton Pivoting Equalizer Hook takes the power of two winch lines and combines them into one. The use of a bearing then allows easy rotation of almost any load — ideal for properly positioning equipment or machinery in tight quarters. (Snatch blocks and continuous loop straps are not included with the Pivoting Equalizer.)

The Short Spreader Bar Tube is designed for use with Miller Industries’ Spreader Bar Kit (sold separately.) The Short Spreader Bar Tube has a range of lifting widths (58”, 63” and 68”) and when combined with the original Spreader Bar Kit’s range of lifting widths (100”, 105” and 110”), the versatility of these two products makes lifting almost any vehicle, equipment or machinery simple.

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