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Miller Industries Debuts Storage Baskets for LCG Carriers

Sep 29th, 2010 | By | Category: New Products

For increased storage and to supply you with the equipment you need on your carriers, cost Miller Industries has developed an LCG basket kit. The kit contains two wire baskets that fit behind the 48-inch tool compartments common on most carriers.

One basket comes with a shovel and broom that secure on brackets in the basket to allow more room to carry other equipment, wood blocks or boards. The opposite basket comes with one metal liquid can and two utility cans that can be used to haul Floor Dry or debris from accident scenes. With the deck lowered, the baskets are secure against equipment being removed.

The complete kit comes with two black, powder-coated wire baskets, shovel, shovel bracket, broom, broom-handle bracket, two removable utility cans and one metal liquid can. The kit is also available with galvanized baskets instead of the black, powder-coated version.

For more information, contact your local Miller distributor or visit