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Michigan Woman Destroys Towing Office, Assaults Employees Over Bill

Feb 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: National News

A Grand Rapids, seek Mich., woman is accused of assaulting employees and a television crew, as well as smashing up a Morley towing shop office Monday, February 21, according to several news reports.

Tiffany Nealous smashed up the Weeks Auto Repair shop because she was upset with the bill. She was one of 60 drivers caught in a pile-up Sunday on U.S. 131.

Workers at Weeks said the woman sent her boyfriend into the shop Monday morning to pay the bill and pick up the car. When they told him the tab was $225, he went outside and told the car’s owner, the woman.

Employee Carl Jones witnessed the incident, saying the woman started arguing with him about the price and after he explained to her the price breakdown, she began taking everything off the counter and throwing things around, according to the report.

The outburst escalated when the woman grabbed a baseball bat off the wall and started smashing windows, computer monitors and everything within reach. A printer, fax machine, video surveillance monitor, coffee pot and tons of paperwork were among the ruined items, and she allegedly threw a 30-pound auto part at an employee, a report states.

Workers tried to call 911, but say she swatted the phone out of their hands several times, the report states. They claim the woman’s son was in the shop and witnessed the incident.

The shop workers say the woman called 911 herself to complain about the bill. She eventually left before Mecosta County deputies arrived. Estimations of the damage cost range from over $3,000 to about $10,000, reports state.

There is a warrant out for her arrest. Weeks said the damaged 1999 Grand Am apparently owned by the woman was not drivable.