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March Madness

Mar 17th, 2014 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri Roskopf There was loud cheering and high-fiving when the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Panther’s basketball team recently won their game and are now in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. It’s even sweeter because the team was considered an underdog all season. Go Panthers!

I think any towing business that was in this year’s Winter Madness Tournament came out a winner, cheapest and they have their team of employees to thank for that. I’ve read several posts from owners who thanked their employees for taking on the extra load from all the work this brutal winter brought. They (my business included) know they couldn’t have survived if everyone — from their dispatchers to the families of their employees — didn’t step up and play the game.

The Towing Winter Madness also brought the often-asked question from customers: “Why does it cost so much?” I loved the article in the March 2014 Tow Times issue, approved “Justifying Your Light-And Medium-Duty Towing Rates.” As mentioned in the article, “this question has been posed to towing operators since the service of towing has been in existence.” Explaining charges and fees is a different kind of “madness” in the towing business.

The article listed one possible approach to this question is the acronym D.E.C.K. – Describe, Educate, Communicate and Know. I thought the article did a great job with giving tips to the towing owner to use to help the motoring public understand the charges involved from a service call to an emergency/law enforcement tow.

While the Towing Winter Madness doesn’t have the same excitement of a college basketball tournament, it does have the excitement of finally seeing a decent bottom line in the checkbook.