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LoadDocs App Allows Towing Companies to Digitally Complete Paperwork on the Road

Jun 1st, 2018 | By | Category: New Products

Connected logistics startup LoadDocs provides an app to solve the towing industry’s daily challenge of completing paperwork on the road.

By combining its proprietary system for capturing and transmitting images with smartphone connectivity, LoadDocs enables drivers to send proof of delivery and other documents directly from their truck cabs to the home office as an alternative to faxing in paperwork.

“It’s a simple formula,” said LoadDocs Chief Operating Officer Brian Belcher. “Speeding up the paper flow will speed up the cash flow.”

With the LoadDocs app, a driver takes a photo of a document assisted by guides on the camera screen to help with framing. LoadDocs’ technology automatically crops, rotates and adjusts image colors to produce an as-good-as-original electronic copy.

LoadDocs is designed to manage a wide range of common industry forms including bills of lading, weight certificates, toll receipts, inspection reports and expense reports. In addition to digitally sending documents, tow truck drivers can attach photos, retrieve date and time details and add location information — valuable for towing companies when the awareness of when and where a job has been completed can reduce risk and concern for all parties. Aside from a mobile scanning option, towing companies can also digitize paper forms and checklists such as DVIR documents.

Expediting invoices is another key function. “LoadDocs helps fleets go from ‘delivered’ to ‘invoiced’ in minutes,” Belcher said.

For areas with limited or no cell coverage, LoadDocs is designed to capture and store images taken by the driver; when it detects a stronger signal, it automatically transmits the documents to the home office.

At the fleet office, managers can use the system’s optical-character-recognition technology to capture data from the electronic documents for reports, eliminating having to type information from a piece of paper into a computer system, as well as handling or storing large amounts of paper. “Through artificial intelligence, LoadDocs can learn about the documents and data that the back-office is expecting to further automate the process over time,” Belcher said.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, LoadDocs has also launched a partnership with Trimble, a provider of fleet mobility hardware. Fleets using Trimble’s in-cab electronic logging device can install the LoadDocs app on the hardware. In addition to hardware partnerships, LoadDocs has also partnered with leading transportation management systems to support integrations so the documents are accessible from wherever they are needed.

LoadDocs requires no long-term contracts and fleets can pay monthly for use. For more information visit