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Lloyd Evans

May 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Lloyd worked as a wrecker driver for Paul Lezina, who was a faithful Holmes tower in New Orleans. In fact, Paul was the one who finally convinced the City of New Orleans to purchase a handful of Holmes wreckers to quickly clear double parked cars in the French Quarter. But Lloyd wanted to go into the towing business, so he moved his young family some 60 years ago to Shreveport in Northern Louisiana where he formed a towing company that he simply called “Lloyd’s”. Later, he was a hobbyist rock collector and pilot who owned his own Beachcraft Bonanza. His wife Patsy was afraid of flying but didn’t want to be left behind, so she would sit in the back seat and pray while they were in the air.

Lloyd was a faithful Holmes user and custom built a special body on which he mounted a monster 850 wrecker for HD recovery work. As an ex-marine he was stout and tireless and built his company from a single rig to a fleet that served the Ark-La-Tex region. His youngest son was named Steven and we all called him Stevie. I remember one day when young Stevie was hanging around the shop and told his Dad, “Y’oid, you yucky dog, y’uore the yucky-ust guy in the world” because Stevie loved the wreckers but was far too young to drive, much less talk clearly.

At a tow show several years ago, this strapping lad came up to visit and we had a nice conversation about wrecker equipment and I got the impression I knew him. We continued to talk until he finally introduced himself as Stevie Evans. He took over his Dad’s business when Lloyd died and Patsy moved back to Southern Louisiana.

Stevie was recently featured on the Tow Times website under the caption “Louisiana Canal Recovery.” He’s proudly walking in his Dad’s footsteps doing some fantastic work, as illustrated in the article.