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Lloyd Evans

May 20th, 2016 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockLloud grew up in New Orleans where he learned to be a wrecker driver working for the master, Paul Lezana. Lloyd respected Paul so much he and his wife Patsy named their first born son Paul. Lloyd served in the Marine Corps on active duty in Vietnam. Patsy was from the North Shore of Lake Ponchatrain (Covington) where she was to return after Lloyd passed on. And, Lloyd was another in the line of Super Heavy Duty towers who operated old mechanical wreckers like the Holmes 850, the most powerful machine of its day. He installed one on an IH Constructor chassis and built the body himself.

Riding in that wrecker one day I noticed my chest throbbed with each stroke of the powerful engine. But, Lloyd was also a pilot. He and Patsy would fly their Bonanza on trips (once to visit us in Sherman) with Lloyd in front in the pilot’s seat and Patsy on her knees praying in the back (she didn’t like flying but she liked staying home alone even less).

He was also a rock hound and traveled as far as South America looking for “good” rocks. Lloyd became a Holmes distributor in Shreveport and passed his wrecker business to his son Stevie when he died.