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Like a Tree

Nov 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I’m looking out the window by my desk, sick and the wind is whipping the trees and swirling snowflakes. The temperature went from 60 degrees yesterday to 30 degrees today. It’s amazing to me how trees survive the changes Mother Nature deals – how they can be so strong, yet bend at the same time.

In the day-to-day running of our towing business, sometimes I feel like that tree. I have to be strong, but also bend with what’s thrown at me.

It is the day after Thanksgiving and while others are out Black Friday shopping, I’m here at the shop entering invoices, looking at the to-be-paid bills pile and learning that we need new tires on one of the trucks, the oil barrel is running low, and the owner of a vehicle we have in the lot doesn’t have any money as he tells me we can “keep my you-know-what car”… the list goes on. On days like this I just want to get back in my vehicle, go home and go back to bed.

While a good idea, I know it wouldn’t solve anything. I know I’m strong, but it sure helps to have my husband here supporting me when these “whipping winds” of running our business come along. Not sure he would appreciate me referring to his support as being like a tree, but maybe if I tell him he’s strong like the mighty oak he’ll forgive me.