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Lifting With a Jack

Jun 15th, 2018 | By | Category: Tow Tip

Jacks are wonderful tools that come in a wide variety of designs. Smaller, light-weight scissor jacks are generally provided by the manufacturer of most cars and light trucks and are useful in changing the specific vehicle’s tire, but come with some limitations which is why most towing operators and road service techs often use their own hydraulic jacks (e.g., bottle jacks or floor jacks) when performing road service. Whichever jack you use, there are some general safety rules to consider.

Lift the load only as high as necessary. If the load shifts or becomes unstable, stop lifting and lower the load immediately. Stand to the side of the jack while jacking to avoid being struck by the handle. Never straddle the jack handle and always remove the handle when it is not being used. Keep your body, arms, legs and feet from under a load supported by a jack as the jack can slip out from under the load before you have time to get out of the way. If you must reach or work under a raise load, support the load with a matched pair of jack stands even if you’re lifting a vehicle with your wheel-left or under-reach.

See more information about using jacks and jack stands in the Tow Times June issue Safety Column by Patrick Gratzianna.