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Lift-All Company Announces Eco-Friendly Hardware Coating

Sep 10th, 2018 | By | Category: New Products

Lift-All Co., manufacturer of lifting and load securement products, has committed to helping improve the environment by changing the coating on their tie-down hardware to a more environmentally friendly clear zinc coating. The coating has a silver finish rather than the current yellow-tinted finish and will not change the form, fit and function of the product line.

“We started our green initiatives years ago with a suggestion from an employee and our recycling program was born. Changing the coating on our tie-down hardware is another way we can help ensure that we leave this world in good shape for our children.”

The new coating has the same performance results in salt spray testing and will be rolled out as current inventories are depleted. For ease of customer transition the product part number, description and price remains unchanged.

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