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Less Wire Rope, More Winching Power

Jan 4th, 2019 | By | Category: Tow Tip

“The less wire rope you have on the winch drum the more winching power you’ll have. So, the first question to ask when you arrive on scene of a recovery where you are going to have to make a heavy pull is, how do I get down to the first layer of wire rope on the drum? The obvious options would be to either get back away from the load and winch it to you or install a snatch block on the wire rope and double it back to the truck. (Using a snatch block by itself does not make your winch any stronger, but it does reduce the line tension, allowing you to pull heavier loads.) Either method will work, as they reduce the amount of wire rope on the drum.”

— Peter Fuerst, International Institute of Towing and Recovery

See more winch basics in the Tow Times January issue article “Winch Basics — Ratings, Gearing and Use” by Peter Fuerst.