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Ken Cruse Retires from WreckMaster

Sep 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Industry News

According to a press release, after working in the towing industry for over 30 years and co-founding the WreckMaster training organization with his brother, the late Donnie Cruse, Ken Cruse is stepping down from his involvement with WreckMaster to enjoy some time off, travel, and a little golf. Said Cruse: “I will miss WreckMaster. I take pride that I contributed to the success of our industry’s premier training organization.”

After a family tragedy took the lives of Donnie, his wife, daughter and granddaughter in 2002, Ken Cruse proved to be a pillar that helped hold the company together throughout a difficult year. He was instrumental in the successful transition of turning the company and its operations over to Donnie’s 21-year old son, Justin. When Justin took control, Ken picked up again with running the company distribution center for the WreckMaster towing accessories business.

Ken was inducted into the Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame in 2005. He was the chairman of the Wall of the Fallen Ceremonies in Chattanooga three years, honoring towing professionals who were killed on the roadside.

Ken credits the continued success of WreckMaster to the core team of instructors and the support of thousands of loyal WreckMasters. As to how well retirement will sit with one who has been so active in the industry, Cruse is philosophical, “I still have the desire to contribute to this great industry, so who knows what the next chapter in my life will bring.”