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I love this, viagra 100mg it goes along with “less is more” — doesn’t always make sense — but for whatever reason and for the most part, hospital this logic works.

I had an owner of an impounded vehicle call and question the towing and recovery charges, and he wanted to talk to the manager or owner of the business. In order for me to help him, I put him on hold and pulled the tow ticket for any notes, then asked my employee to explain to me why he used the equipment he used, the reason for the charges, etc. My employee gave me some background of the scene when he arrived and what the police told him.

I was just about to go back to the caller — I am the manger after all — but decided to have my employee who did the call talk to him. For whatever reason, the acronym KISS came to mind and I thought — yes, it would be better to have the person who did the call explain to the vehicle owner what he did and why he did it. Short and to the point.

When I requested my employee talk to the vehicle owner, I got a deer-in-the-headlights look. I explained that I wanted the vehicle owner to hear from a professional what was done and why. After that, if there were any questions about the charges I would take over.

I was very proud of my employee. My instinct was right and the phone call ended with me not having to talk to the vehicle owner again.

Not too sure about the meaning of the last “S” (Stupid). I think it really means that by keeping it simple, you don’t look stupid.