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I Just Want Something That Works for Me

Mar 3rd, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I’ve been accused of being old school because I’m still using paper and not going to digital tow tickets. It’s not that I am afraid of going paperless, learning something new to make my life easier and running my towing business more efficiently. I often think about how much time and energy was required to do my accounting and payroll before I had QuickBooks. I just want a towing software that works for me and my business, within my budget. Which is why I really liked the towing software comparison in the Tow Times January 2017 issue.

Seventeen companies were listed and each was compared with different features such as integrating credit card processing, GPS and third-party applications like motor clubs. There was a total of 36 questions the companies received. The article contained a listing of 15 questions along with the company responses, with a complete comparison available on

After reviewing the software comparisons, I realized that now my homework begins. While operating a small towing company means I have fewer trucks and tow operators, that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t need similar features bigger companies need. Again, it comes down to: What works for me?

I’m still a bit cautious of not having a paper trail. I’ve learned many times throughout my years in running my towing business to cover my you-know-what.