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Jack of All Trades

Feb 26th, 2016 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockThe title implies that a person is capable of everything from brain surgery to driving a race car and all that’s in between. Last summer we spent a few days in the local hospital and came away with the understanding that doctors don’t make good stenographers and today’s practice of medicine is also a practice of written documentation. Those we talked with complained that typing and steno work was not taught in medical school so is not one of their strengths. Indeed, most are “hunt and peck” typists, making the task both laborious and lengthy. So they put it off as much as possible.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to play to our strengths in our work have a leg up on success — however — we are not skilled at anything and everything. We are not a Jack of All Trades. Towing and Recovery recognizes outstanding operator skills but has little to say about typing, data entry or business management. So, like doctors, how about hiring someone to take care of those necessary tasks that are not included in our skill sets? In other words, do what you do best and leave the rest to someone else.