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It’s a Good Thing

Nov 3rd, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

My husband and I, along with some towing friends, were headed back to Wisconsin after visiting the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum. We stopped in Paducah, Kentucky, for the night.

It was April so we weren’t concerned about hitting bad weather, but as we watched the news we saw that a snow storm was coming through. Hoping to avoid the storm, we decided to sit tight for a while longer and enjoy another cup of coffee.

We were on the road for a short time when wet, heavy, snow started coming down. We saw several vehicles in the ditch but hey — we’re from Wisconsin — we can handle a little snow. Further down the road, traffic began slowing down and eventually we were at a dead stop.

We laughed as kids in the car ahead of us got out and made a snowman in the median. Our friend gave them his company hat to use. But as time went by, that second cup of coffee was ready to do me in.

The more uncomfortable I felt, the guys kept joking about having only one tissue and I could go behind a tree if I wanted. Finally, traffic started to move and we got off at the first exit – along with a lot of other motorists.

I was waiting in line for the restroom and a woman behind me was crying and whining about how bad she had to go to the bathroom. When my turn came up I let her go ahead of me. You should have seen the looks I got because I let her skip ahead. What was I supposed to do? While I was uncomfortable, she sounded like she was wounded.

It’s a good thing we kept our sense of humor and laughed about being on the other side for a change – as stranded motorists (and not working the winch-outs and accidents.) I thought of this adventure because the towing friend who was with us passed away one year ago this week.

Great towing friends. Great memories. It’s a good thing.