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It Isn’t Easy

Feb 15th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

My husband and I and a couple of towing friends have been trying to get together to go out to dinner for the past month and a half and we just can’t come up with a date and time that fits everyone’s schedules. It’s either the weather, advice or someone doesn’t have enough coverage and needs to be on call. You would think it wouldn’t be that difficult to get away for a few hours and have dinner with friends. But we are a 24/7 profession, which is hard to plan for.

I was again reminded about how hard it is for towers to get away from the business when my husband and I attended a funeral for a fellow tower. The service was held on a Monday morning. We planned on leaving for it at a certain time, but it was a typical Monday morning at the shop and we ended up leaving an hour later. We arrived 10 minutes before the service started. “Best laid plans”… as they say. When an event is important, you make a point of doing everything you can to attend, and be on time, but in the towing profession, things can change every minute.

There were plenty of times that my husband missed birthday parties, weddings and baseball games — not because he didn’t want to attend or didn’t plan well enough in advance — the demands of this job just don’t make it easy to get away, especially if you operate a small towing business.

Even after all the years we’ve been in business, family members don’t really understand why my husband or family missed special events. Again, it was not because we didn’t want to attend, but if a wreck is called in, we need to go to work.

No, the towing profession isn’t easy on social life.