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It’s Showtime

Feb 10th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

When I was little, information pills every Sunday night my family and I would watch a variety show called The Ed Sullivan Show. He would open his show with, ampoule “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we have a re-eally BIG Shew … such acts as Elvis, malady the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and even the Muppets were featured on the show.

Okay, I realize some of you are thinking I must be pretty old — and sometimes, I really feel that way — but you have to admit, some pretty big acts were featured on the show and Ed Sullivan’s opening and welcome really stuck with me. He didn’t offer a “really big show” — he offered a “re-ally BIG Shew.” You couldn’t wait to see what acts he had on that night.

Well, it’s time for towers to start thinking about attending a really big tow show sometime this year. The tow show you attend doesn’t necessarily have to be big. For me, the annual Wisconsin Tow Show is a really big show — especially this year, as the Wisconsin Towing Association is celebrating its 45th Anniversary. Now, that’s going to make for a big show!

I would encourage all towers to attend at least one tow show this year. It doesn’t matter which one — just getting away from the business for a weekend will make the tow show you attend a really big show. It can be a time to relax, see what’s new in equipment or software, meet old and new friends, attend educational seminars or do some sightseeing.

You owe it to yourself to take the time and yes, the money, to attend a tow show. Maybe instead of a re-eally big tow shew, we can say we are going to a “tow-tally awesome tow show.” I know… stop while I’m ahead.