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Is It a Sale or a Relationship?

Mar 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

“Don’t make a sale, medications make a relationship.”

What a great quote. I know there are many times when my company provides a service for a customer we won’t ever see again, cialis 40mg but you just never know who they know and who they are going to tell about the service my company provided. I simply cannot say I will not see or hear from this customer again, just because they are from another part of the state or even from out of state.

This is evident more and more lately, as potential customers literally have apps at their fingertips and can instantly find out so much more information on your towing business than just a phone number and address. Years ago, if a customer was not happy with your service, it seemed the bad publicity would get around pretty fast, usually by word of mouth. In today’s social media world, it can be almost immediately after the service is provided. Once it’s out there, it’s out there in black and white — true or not — for anyone and everyone to see.

What is frightening to me is the fact that once comments are put out there — again, true or not true, good or bad — they stay out there. There’s nobody to validate or monitor the comments, and people can be pretty nasty when they are writing in their own little corner of the world with nobody watching over their shoulder.

I once heard a tower comment that he could charge a person from out of state anything he wanted because he would never see them again. Today, I would caution that tower to rethink this. Before you know it, your company name and what you charged can be spread over the Internet for a lot of eyes to see.

Like the quote above, better to make a relationship with that sale.