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Idaho City Council Passes First Read for Towing Ordinance

Jun 6th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

The Rexburg, information pills Idaho City Council passed a towing ordinance on first read Wednesday, viagra June 1, information pills after a tie vote left Mayor Woodland with the final decision, according to a news report.

Bill 1014, the towing and parking enforcement ordinance, was brought up for discussion after the city received complaints of predatory towing practices. Voting to consider the bill first read was tied three to three, leaving the mayor with the deciding vote. Mayor Woodland voted in favor, and the bill was considered first read.

Changes to the bill were created in order to make property owners responsible for towing and booting decisions for cars parked illegally on their property. The ordinance aims to eliminate predatory booting and towing, or vehicles being towed or booted by a towing operator not affiliated with the parking lot in order to receive a fee from the vehicle owner, according to the news report.

If passed, the bill will require a towing operator to get permission from the property owner before booting or towing a vehicle. The ordinance states that “It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to boot or tow away any motor vehicle on any authority other than by the direct request of the owner, authorized agent of the owner, or a Rexburg City Police officer present at the location from which the motor vehicle is to be removed,” the report states.

Rexburg City Attorney Stephen Zollinger states in the report that the ordinance still allows people’s vehicles to be towed or booted, but that if they are clearly not causing any disturbance or inconvenience – being an invited guest somewhere, for example – the property owner or apartment manager will hold the decision on whether they should be towed.

The ordinance will be brought up for a second read at the next City Council meeting.