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I Missed It!

Apr 19th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I’m kind of bummed because I missed the first big tow show of the year – the Florida Tow Show, viagra which advertises sun, order fun and tow trucks. I’m all for sun and fun – especially because of 38-degree temperatures and dark, cloudy skies here in Wisconsin. I think I’d even go along and look at tow trucks with my husband, although this is not my idea of having fun. But it wasn’t meant to be this year, as we’re short-staffed and the boss has to cover.

I remember the first time I attended the Florida Tow Show. I was literally blown away at the number of vendors, attendees and the awesome murals painted on the tow trucks — no snow, salt and ice to rust those beauties — they were polished to shine.

Plus, the Florida Tow Show is totally different in size and venue than the Wisconsin Tow Show.

The one thing I did feel was the same between the two shows was the fact that they are very family friendly. Yes, the show is located near Disney World and all of the Orlando attractions as an incentive to bring the whole family, but the show itself has a lot to offer anyone who attends: ladies luncheon, “Little Towers” activities like remote control races, vendor-sponsored music and food, new equipment and, of course, the tow truck beauty contest.

I wasn’t able to attend the Florida show, but I already booked our room at the Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells for the Wisconsin Tow Show in June. I would encourage all of you to attend at least one tow show this year and if you would like to come to the Wisconsin Tow Show, I can guarantee we’ll have fun and tow trucks. The sun part I’ll have to leave up to Mother Nature.