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How to Get Your Husband to Shop for Clothes

Jun 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

My husband rarely goes into a clothing store to shop for himself, view but he does decide what uniforms our employees wear, including safety apparel.

I usually make a list of supplies needed for the shop and send him to a local store I call the “man’s store” that has everything from automotive, to gardening supplies to paint — just about anything and everything a guy is looking for. It’s also a place where you meet just about everybody you know in town, so for him to just go in and get what’s on my list doesn’t happen.

The last shopping trip, I decided to go along as I wanted to look for a new burner for our gas grill. (Like I said, you can find anything you need at this store.) When we entered, I went my way and he went his.

I found what I was looking for then started looking for my husband. I was quite surprised to find him in the men’s clothing department — and quickly realized why. He was looking at the safety apparel on the racks. He looked excited as he motioned for me.

All of the safety apparel — shirts, vests, rainsuits and more — were on sale (two words I like to see) but I was concerned whether the clothing was marked with the appropriate ANSI/SEA performance class. As many of you know, most of the high-visibility safety apparel available does not hold up very well for towers. The material become faded after several washings and soiled and torn from day-to-day use. Visibility for tow truck drivers is critical, so when the on-sale safety apparel proved to be what we needed, we filled our shopping cart.

Ladies: there’s hope after all for getting the man in your life to go clothes shopping — just make sure there’s high-visibility safety apparel nearby.