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How Do You Rate?

Jul 28th, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Have you ever been waiting in line and, for whatever reason, someone behind you is escorted to the front of the line and you think to yourself, “How do they rate? What makes them so much better than me?”

Today, more and more, we’re asked to rate businesses, products and services by going to  websites and taking surveys or by clicking “like” to boost their ratings. We’re even given incentives to give feedback with the chance to win gift cards or prizes.

Consumers see ratings as a good way to rank or measure on a standard scale a quality or value for a business, product or service. Businesses look at these ratings to — hopefully — improve on what consumers rate poorly, and keep up the good work or even improve when consumers give an excellent rating.

Certainly, like many other industries, the towing and recovery industry has challenges to overcome when it comes to consumer ratings — image being one of them. If you took a survey of your own company how would you rate? Hopefully, you’d tip the scale at a 10, and go to the front of the line.