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How Can I Help You?

Mar 15th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

In the towing business, our customers usually call or come into the office when they’re not having a good day. Because of the situation they find themselves in, I’ve seen and heard the worst of people.

One particular customer started out on the phone saying he needed a “*@&%+ flatbed and we better not charge a *@&%+ arm and leg either.” I was about to hang up, but took a deep breath and said “Sir, please refrain from swearing and I will take care of you.” He then told me, “I’m not swearing.” I was stunned. I guess in his eyes this was everyday language.

Another customer asked me if I was a Christian, and if I was, how could I charge so much to get his vehicle back? The fact he didn’t have a driver’s license, car insurance and was arrested didn’t seem to matter — it was all my fault.

I’ve had people cry, scream, hang up on me, glare and tell me how dare I take money they need for food or rent.

I’ve learned over the years to put a hard shell over my emotions and not take these types of things personally. It’s not easy though. I truly do want to help customers have a better day; sometimes they just don’t or can’t see it that way.

You can’t get pounded like this and not have it affect you somehow — you can tend to become sarcastic, frustrated, angry or roll your eyes and think, why me? Or feel like saying “bring it on!” That’s when it’s nice to have a fellow tower to talk to — they’ve been there, done that and can totally relate to what you’re talking about or going through.

It might not be all my fault, but I’ll continue to smile and ask, “How can I help you?”